You're fired!

Bob was a popular software developer at an unnamed US Infrastructure company and regularly named as best software developer in the building. It therefore came as a bit of a surprise to many, that following an IT security audit in 2012, Bob was promptly fired for what many might describe as ‘inspired brilliance’.… Read More

“What exactly is escrow and why is it important to EngLancer?” This question came up during a recent meeting with a marketing contact of ours. Phil, our CTO, explained the first part: “It’s like if two guys place a bet and a third, trustworthy party, holds their money to the end of the game to… Read More

Here at EngLancer, we often talk about adapting the practices of the web and software industries to engineering design and project delivery. After all, the EngLancer platform itself is derivative of the successful outsourcing platforms seen within these sectors.… Read More