“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” We’ve all heard this piece of advice. Usually, it’s dispensed the moment a disgruntled so-and-so is met with subpar work. It is, of course, a very bad piece advice for an engineering firm. This is because almost all modern organisations require delegation and collaboration in order… Read More

We’ve spoken to a lot of engineers, contractors, draughtsmen and modellers as part of our research for EngLancer. As a platform which helps them find, deliver and get paid for their work, we thought it would be an easy ‘sell’ to everyone we spoke to. We thought the benefits we offer would have freelance and… Read More

What are the benefits of contract engineering? Well, here at EngLancer, we could write up a whole list of benefits. But, here at EngLancer, we obviously would. You’re too sharp to just listen to us. You should listen to Tom and Gavin, those guys are awesome. (Besides, we already put the numbers to the argument.)… Read More

We first came up with the EngLancer concept when helping to set up a small ‘boutique’ engineering firm. We had aspirations to deliver larger scale projects more efficiently than perhaps our more established/larger competitors were able to do.  To do this, we recognised that when we won these projects, we didn’t want to have to recruit… Read More