Is anyone else experiencing an unprecedented demand for detailing services? It’s great to see the industry busy again but what implications does this demand have on our ability to deliver jobs and what can you do to improve your ability to meet those deadlines?

I have put some ideas in a recent blog but would be interested in any thoughts or comments of the industry.

Recently, we have been able to outsource a number of Steel and RC detailing jobs through our EngLancer platform. Our service is all based upon quality and finding the right people and companies to deliver the work for the right client.

Enough of the sales pitch though. What we have been seeing recently is that UK based firms are becoming busier and busier… to a point where they are struggling to meet the tight client deadlines our industry is famous for. We hear that it’s also becoming increasingly common for companies to turn down good business due to being overburdened with work. I have written before about how wise such an approach is, but respect the fact, that in certain situations, it might be the only remaining sensible option.

What should we be doing therefore from the point of view of outsourcer and outsourcee to make sure that we can capitalise on this high period of demand?

  1. Review your prices – obvious I know, but I think as an industry we shy away from raising prices. If the demand exists your price should reflect this. Both engineers and detailers were squeezed significantly during the last recession and a degree of correction should therefore be possible. Test what constitutes an acceptable fee level by tendering for work on the platform. All tendering is completely confidential, so you won’t offend a long term client by suddenly upping your prices.
  2. Grow your supply chain – we have all found good people that have consistently delivered projects for us over the years. Chances are though, that they will be too busy to cope with current demand as well. Find as many quality people as you can. the simple probability is that 10 quality people have more chance of turning that work round in the time than just one or two.
  3. Work differently – collaborate. As detailers, we all know other experts just like us. Instead of going through the long winded process of trying to recruit, train and check the work of someone you don’t know, why not outsource the work to somebody you do know and trust? Simply put a checking & handling fee on top though, it’s your brand after all.
  4. Pay differently – again I have written about the benefits of escrow within the EngLancer model. If you want the best detailers to respond quickly and deliver your projects, instead of the other jobs that are coming in, you either need to pay them more or pay them differently.
  5. Become an international organisation – we have seen a number of our clients outsourcing to other areas of the UK and internationally. These regions seem to have better capacity and can often be sourced more economically. The savings also often allow additional levels of checking and quality assurance to be accommodated. If your competitors are working differently shouldn’t you be considering it as well?

We feel our platform allows engineering organisations to efficiently and effectively scale their resources. Our bidding and review mechanisms also mean we focus on allowing great engineering companies procure quality detailers.

Engineering is our passion. If it’s yours as well come and tell us about yourself at EngLancer. Come and help us re-engineer the way we engineer.

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