What are the benefits of contract engineering? Well, here at EngLancer, we could write up a whole list of benefits. But, here at EngLancer, we obviously would. You’re too sharp to just listen to us. You should listen to Tom and Gavin, those guys are awesome. (Besides, we already put the numbers to the argument.)… Read More

Will the crowd help us Engineer a better way of working? At EngLancer, we are passionate about looking at how we can work differently to achieve our goals. We are always looking at best practice, as well as current innovation, across all industries to see if we can improve our approach to engineering or our… Read More

So here at EngLancer we are always claiming to want to “re-engineer the way we engineer”. This got me thinking the other day though. Say we had the chance to start again. To knock it all down and decide how “we” as an industry wanted to work. … Read More

We first came up with the EngLancer concept when helping to set up a small ‘boutique’ engineering firm. We had aspirations to deliver larger scale projects more efficiently than perhaps our more established/larger competitors were able to do.  To do this, we recognised that when we won these projects, we didn’t want to have to recruit… Read More

Perhaps I am a few years late with this blog, as it was over three years ago, in 2011, when Lord Sugar caused an almighty furore over this issue. The outspoken peer and one of the country’s highest profile business figures told engineer, Glenn Ward, as he fired him on BBC’s reality TV show The… Read More