Sometimes you feel you are working for free

As a practising engineer I initially found the situation very tiresome. You get an enquiry, review the drawings, markup the details, give the client some advice or input over the phone and then….never hear from them again. Of course you soon get to realise you are simply a price check or to use a more… Read More

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.” We’ve all heard this piece of advice. Usually, it’s dispensed the moment a disgruntled so-and-so is met with subpar work. It is, of course, a very bad piece advice for an engineering firm. This is because almost all modern organisations require delegation and collaboration in order… Read More

Here at EngLancer, we often talk about adapting the practices of the web and software industries to engineering design and project delivery. After all, the EngLancer platform itself is derivative of the successful outsourcing platforms seen within these sectors.… Read More

We first came up with the EngLancer concept when helping to set up a small ‘boutique’ engineering firm. We had aspirations to deliver larger scale projects more efficiently than perhaps our more established/larger competitors were able to do.  To do this, we recognised that when we won these projects, we didn’t want to have to recruit… Read More

Perhaps I am a few years late with this blog, as it was over three years ago, in 2011, when Lord Sugar caused an almighty furore over this issue. The outspoken peer and one of the country’s highest profile business figures told engineer, Glenn Ward, as he fired him on BBC’s reality TV show The… Read More